About Syd


Syd was born in the mid-eighties, and spent the next ten years building forts for neighbourhood cats.

Her work includes: the ongoing comic series the Adventures of Gogg Mulligan (the goblin rogue); Coralie’s Quest, a full-colour comic about the trials of a toad with stage-fright; Homo Erectus, a weekly comic strip published by ‘the Paltry Sapien’; Lost and Found, a tale of robot-human companionship; Trapdoor, a mostly true story of urban treasure-finding; the Glaistig, an illustrated Scottish folktale; and her short comic Terrible Things, published in the 2011 anthology ‘21 Journeys by the Vancouver-based Cloudscape Comics Society.

Syd recently moved back to Ontario after nearly a decade in British Columbia. She currently lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and their mid-sized petting zoo.