Computer Says ‘No’

Poor old* lappy needed to go to the laptop Vet for an emergency cleaning. The build up of cat hair in her air intake and construction dust** over the last year proved to be too much for the little dear, and so it’ll just be a day or two before I can get my next page online.

Please Standby.

*not actually old

**We live in a newish development and so it gets super dusty around here with all surrounding infrastructure being built.



The story begins next week: a young woman returns to her old apartment complex to discover that some aspects of a hurtful past are harder to get rid of than she’d thought.

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Nocturne: The End

And that’s that!

For more information on the prevention and treatment of rabies, you can check out the CDC’s website, or the CFIA (which has some scary-cool info regarding rabies cases in Canada).

Stay tuned for my brand new comic, Doppelgänger, premiering right here next week. It’s about friendship, growing up and moving on, and creepy stuff going down in an East Vancouver setting.


Nocturne: Page One

Nocturne is a short comic,  created in one day as a sort of “10 pages in 10 hours” challenge. It’s about rabies, which is one of the scariest things I can imagine.

New page posted every Friday.


Coralie’s Quest, Part One

And so Part One of Coralie’s Quest comes to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the adventures of our little toad friend as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them.

There will be an intermission next week, with a brand new storyline starting up soon here on Mangy Cur Press. Thanks for checking in!